• Sheema Qurashi

Types Of Facebook Ads To Grow Your Dental Practice

Updated: Feb 24

Facebook ads focus on more targeting options than paid search ads, so you can find members of your target audience in a much more direct way.

However, as a healthcare clinic, there are some things your business cannot do even though most other businesses can with Facebook’s custom audience tools due to HIPAA. SQ specializes in working with medical clients to ensure that the advertisements and information does not violate patient privacy or HIPAA.

At SQ Social Strategies, we’re experts at running Facebook ads for dentists and helping increase clinic revenue and growth. We’ve worked with a wide variety of clinics that have acquired more patients, increase sales, and have added more services or opened new clinic locations as a result of our social media marketing strategies.

We can create a variety of appealing Facebook ads including:

Image ads

Visual content is the biggest part of every type of Facebook advertisement. But if you’re using an image ad, you’ll only have one image, so make sure it’s worth a thousand words. Our digital experts at SQ Social Strategies will select the right image for your ads and the correct text to grab viewers’ attention. An important feature of an image ad is the Call to action (CTA) button. We will customize what you want to gain from the CTA button and make sure it lines up with your goals.

Video ads

Facebook video ads pretty much have the same components as those in an image ad. The only difference is that instead of a single static image, you can upload a video. A Facebook video shorter than 15 seconds is considered best practice.

Slideshow ads

Facebook Slideshow ads allow digital marketing experts like SQ, to use images and sound to create video-like advertisements to narrate stories based on a product or service.

Carousel ads

Carousel ads combine multiple videos or images that users can scroll through with targeted headlines and links or calls to action in a single ad.

Contact our team today to learn how we can utilize these ads to grow your dental practice!

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