• Sheema Qurashi

7 Questions A Dental Practice Should Answer Before Hiring A New Social Media Agency Or Freelancer

Updated: Feb 13

Here are some important questions that SQ highly recommends you discuss with your new freelancer or agency to ensure that they are able to create a personalized strategy to meet your unique marketing goals. This is crucial to ensure that your ad dollars will be spent both efficiently and effectively to get more patients through your door. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to marketing your practice as your dental practice needs will vary from your competitor’s needs.

1.) Most dentists make their money through Invisalign, dental implants, root canals, and cosmetic-based dental surgeries. What treatments do your dentists specialize in and how much do they cost? Which one is your highest ticket service?

Why this is important: If you have multiple locations for your dental practice then you want to ensure that all of your social media posts and ads portray the same brand and voice. You wouldn’t want one location using a casual tone while another one uses a formal tone. You also wouldn’t want one location posting pictures of the dental team enjoying events regularly while another location is only posting before and after pictures of dental procedures. There should be a balance and alignment among all locations. We would highly recommend hiring just one freelancer or agency to manage social media for all locations instead of hiring a different one for each separate location.

3.) What are the demographics of your ideal patients?

Why this is important: Your freelancer or agency will use this information to create your audience targeting and strategy. For example, if 80% of your current patients are female, then your posts and ads should be targeted to females 80% of the time to maximize your chances of attracting new patients.

4.) Who is in control of the marketing spend at your dental practice?

Why this is important: This is the person that your freelancer or agency will work closely with to discuss budget information for your paid ads.

6.) What are your practice’s daily frustrations?

Why this is important: Your new social media marketing freelancer or agency must know what your practice is struggling with so that they can use their marketing expertise to fix those specific issues.

7.) Who are your top competitors?

Why this is important: Discussing your top competitors with your freelancer or agency is crucial. They will analyze your competitors’ social media strategy and level of success to strategize your social media approach. For example, if your competitor is constantly posting a certain type of content and it is getting high engagement then you might want to consider posting that type of content on your social media pages as well. You can learn from your competitors’ social media results, but other factors have to be taken into account as well to ensure accuracy, such as how large their following is, how often they are posting, etc.

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