Social Media Services

Doctors Are Busy! Let Us Take Care Of The Marketing Work For You.

From setting up accounts, to developing marketing strategies,

to managing targeted campaigns and delivering data analysis reports -

SQ would love to handle all of your healthcare practice's Facebook & Instagram marketing needs.

Healthcare Marketing Agency

Facebook and Instagram Account Set Up, Strategy & Management

Who is this service for? 
Doctors who do not have the time or ability to strategize and manage their own Facebook and Instagram accounts.

SQ would love to act as the voice of your healthcare practice brand on the Facebook and Instagram platforms. This would include creating your accounts (if required) and full account management including: content creation, copywriting, posting, replying to comments, answering questions, and creating a positive relationship with current and potential patients through a variety of engaging campaigns.


Content Creation & Copywriting

Why Do You Need Assistance With This? 

Doctors who already have Facebook and Instagram accounts and personally manage them, but need help with patient acquisition which starts with learning how to create eye catching copy and visually attractive content.

Content creation is crucial for increasing your Facebook and Instagram followers and engagement leading to new patients for your practice. SQ will create both written copy and visual content to post on your accounts. This content will be specifically targeted towards your unique business goals.


Strategy Consulting & Coaching

What Benefits Will You Gain From This? 

Doctors who want to learn the basics or go beyond the basics of managing Facebook and Instagram accounts and their online presence.

SQ offers one-on-one or group consulting & coaching sessions to address important healthcare social media marketing strategies. These sessions are customized according to your unique healthcare practice needs and goals. We will conduct a SWOT analysis to identify your practice’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to pinpoint exactly how we can help you achieve your goals. Next, we will create a targeted strategy plan for you outlining step by step instructions on how to optimize your social media marketing. You are then ready to set up your Facebook and Instagram accounts and fill them with engaging healthcare information or have SQ do it all for you.