Medical Social Media Marketing

SQ Social: Medical Social Media Marketing

Facebook and Instagram are the social platforms where you'll find new clients and connect to current patients.  Demographic targeting on Facebook not only reveals your audience's age and location, but you can also gain insights on potential clients' employment, income, language, and interests. Detailed demographics like these are the kind of information that you can use to increase your medical social media marketing efforts. You can connect with both new and current clients and extend your reach further with fun and informative posts that encourage them to comment, like, and share.

SQ Social Strategies creates both Facebook and Instagram accounts from scratch, and we also provide content for medical social media marketing online to help the practice reach new clients and engage with the people who they currently serve. If you have social media pages, we can work with you to get them updated and active, then turn it over to you to manage or SQ Social Strategies can manage your Facebook and Instagram pages as part of your strategy to increase your office's presence on social media. Do you want to extend your practice's reach with social media? Then contact SQ Social, and let's make a plan!