Healthcare Social Media Marketing Agency

SQ Social Strategies: Healthcare Social Media Marketing Agency

Social media marketing is a viable solution for every industry today, including healthcare. A healthcare organization has an opportunity to show its personal side on social media, connecting with clients where they are online. These days, your healthcare marketing agency will likely suggest utilizing several social platforms in a cross-platform marketing strategy to promote brand recognition. While you may think of Facebook and Instagram as places to connect with friends and family, a healthcare social marketing agency views those platforms as a viable way to connect with current clients and reach new clients who are searching for healthcare services.

SQ Social Strategies is a healthcare marketing agency that creates engaging social media marketing strategies to drive results, such as new patient acquisition. As your healthcare marketing agency, we can create a Facebook and/or Instagram account and then turn it over to you to manage or SQ Social Strategies can manage it for you. Managing a client's social media accounts means creating and curating engaging content to share on social media pages. Sheema Qurashi offers seven years of experience in the healthcare marketing industry and has worked with some of the largest Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 healthcare service and product companies in the industry. Now she provides even more personalized attention to her clients through SQ Social Strategies.

Does your healthcare organization need a new social media strategy? SQ Social Strategies is a healthcare social media marketing agency that can work with you to develop your accounts and manage your posts too. From setting up accounts to developing marketing strategies to managing targeted campaigns and delivering data analysis reports, SQ would love to handle all of your healthcare practice's Facebook and Instagram marketing needs. Get in touch, and let's make a plan!