Dental Marketing

SQ Social Strategies: Dental Marketing Online

If you own a dental practice and you haven't started an online dentist marketing strategy, then you're missing out. Do you need to bring in new patients? How about a way to connect with current clients? Social media is an excellent way to start dental marketing. You can connect with both new and current clients and extend your reach further with fun and informative posts that encourage them to comment, like, and share. Dental marketing on social media comes with an array of analytics to help you track what dentist marketing strategy works, and what needs a revision.

Your practice can reach a local audience with maps, directions, distance to the business, and hours of operation. As with any effective marketing campaign, dentist marketing on social media can include a call to action to make an appointment, or take any other action that you want to encourage. Of course, the goal for dental marketing is that both returning and new patients book an appointment. 

SQ Social Strategies creates both Facebook and Instagram profiles from scratch, and we also provide content for dental marketing online to help the practice reach new clients and engage with the people who they currently serve. If you have social media pages, we can work with you to get them updated and active, then turn it over to you to manage or SQ Social Strategies can manage your pages as part of your strategy to increase your dental office's online marketing.

Do you want to start dental marketing to build your practice? Then contact SQ Social and let's make a plan!